Jo Edwards and Pebble

Hello, my name is Jo Edwards and I am the author and illustrator for the book Not the Bed for My Rump. The idea started with my obsession with the English Bull Terrier breed. Never had I known a dog with such character, love, and funny quirks. 

In 2011, I got a Miniature Bull Terrier named Pebble. Pebble is my world, and she brings a smile to my face every day. Life would be boring without her. She can be a pain in the bum sometimes, but I wouldn’t change her. She is always by my side, no matter what, and I’m very lucky to have her. 

Pebble and many other Bull Terriers I follow online inspired me to write this book. Some people think Bull Terriers are dangerous or ugly, but we owners know better. They are stubborn, lazy, and crazy, but most of all, they are the softest, most loving dogs ever. I wanted to share with the world, especially children, how wonderful the breed actually is. I was inspired by the name Nelly, because when I was growing up, my neighbour owned a rescue Bull Terrier named Nelly. She was a big, white dog but incredibly loving and gentle. The character in this book is a combination of these two special dogs, with Pebble’s right eye patch and Nelly’s big, white body. 

I hope you enjoy the book and it makes you smile.