• Children's Picture Book about Nelly the Bull Terrier


A tale of mischievous English Bull Terrier

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“I don’t like this bed!” Nelly said with a grunt. “This isn’t what I wanted for my big rump!”

My idea all started when I got my very first English Bull Terrier. Never have I known a dog with such character, love and funny quirks. My goal is to share how fantastic and funny this breed is. To show diversity in the picture book world that not all dogs have to be fluffy with big eyes to be cute, that small eyes and a big rump can be just as good. I want children and parents to see how funny and loving this breed actually is. Watch the video below for a sneak preview of the video.

Not the Bed for My Rump is adorabull!!! The illustrations are spot on and very cute.

Miss Stella

Anyone who owns a bullie or kids (big or small) will love this book. It was like reading about our fur baby.

Aimee Daniella

Not the Bed for My Rump is a book of joy, love and the mischief of the Bull Terrier

Jane Becque

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